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UK Lighting and Technology Board Membership

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The UK Lighting Board brings together national and local government from across the UK to consider street lighting matters. It was set up in 2001, and reports to the UK Roads Liaison Group.

Membership and terms of reference
The UK Lighting Board is tasked with:

•developing and promulgating best practice on technical, financial, administrative and operational matters relating to the sustainable construction, maintenance, availability, safety and use of street lighting structures, taking into account the different circumstances that may arise in the four UK countries and in urban and rural areas; and

•providing a source of advice to UKRLG, government departments, local authority associations and professional bodies across the UK on best practice and priorities for research, within the context of the wider transport picture.


The Board is chaired by David Denner (Welsh Government) and has the following members:

•    Graham Smith, representing the Industry, HEA & HEMSA

•    Bijan Bassiri, representing Transport Scotland

•    Glen Kane (East Lothian Council) representing SCOTS

•    Simon Langley, representing Highways England

•    Peter Harrison, representing the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP)

•    Dean Wendelborn (Westminster Council) representing the Technical Advisors' Group (TAG)

•    Keith Tovee, Essex Highways, representing ADEPT

•    Gary Ross, representing the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland

•    Jonathan Hurley (Swansea City Council) representing CSS Wales

•    Vacant, representing OFGEM

•    Steve Berry/Gary Kemp, representing the Department for Transport