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ACPO speed enforcement guidance - having the right 'look and feel' for 20mph enforcement

Jerry Moore National Road Policing Liaison Officer DfT/HO UKROEd (NDORS) Operations Director gave a very interesting presentation on the importance of ‘look and feel’ to enforcement policy, for instance to enforce a 20mph speed limit the road must have the look and feel of a road subject to a 20mph speed limit and not have different speed roundels along it, which confuse drivers.

Key point:  Look and feel important for enforcementThe ACPO guidance states:  Enforcement will be considered in all clearly posted limits, but limits are only one element of speed management and local speed limits should not be set in isolation. They should be part of a package with other measures to manage speeds which include engineering, visible interventions and landscaping standards that respect the needs of all road users and raise the driver’s awareness of their environment, together with education, driver information, training and publicity.

Jerry also gave a good overview of the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS).

Guidance here:


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