Bridge strikes

Bridge Strike Prevention Group - BSPG

The Board received a briefing from the BSPG.  More information about them below and presentation below:

• BSPG seeks to influence the management of all bridges over roads in Great Britain so the risk of vehicular strikes is as low as reasonably practicable and the safety and reliability of both the road and rail networks is maintained.
Through its activities the Group seeks to:
• Drive policy and promote changes in legislation to reduce the risk of bridge strikes
• Monitor the size and trends of the hazard of bridge strikes, and identify areas where the risk is increasing.
• Raise awareness, and clarify responsibilities
• Promote the adoption of affordable solutions for the prevention and mitigation of bridge strikes.
• Support the development of cost effective measures for the prevention and mitigation of bridge strikes, and monitor their effectiveness.
• Be a source of information and guidance
• Provide support and encourage collaboration between stakeholders affected by bridge strikes
Formal meetings are held by the Group twice a year, typically in April and October. Additional meetings of specialist or working groups may occur in between these sessions.