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Managing networks through information- INRIX

INRIX provided a briefing to the UK Network Management on 11 July 2013.

The key points from the session were:

  • For contact details of the 24-7-365  for each INRIX office and the regions covered.  These details can also be found at
  • INRIX accept communication in whatever format works best for the local authority.  For the most prompt response, a phone call works best.
  • INRIX are currently working with one local authority to investigate the possibility of accepting data from the UTMC system in “minimal-IT-development time” format.
  • INRIX are specifically interested in weather related restrictions (flooding, trees down etc) and other “movement impediment” restrictions rather than waiting or loading restrictions.
  • INRIX can, for no charge, offer local authorities access to the “INRIX RADIO” information browser website so traffic management teams can view and monitor how their information is being reported to media, Sat Nav etc.  INRIX could also include information for cross border ‘key routes’.
  • By working with INRIX, Traffic Managers have a direct way of influencing the information reported to the general public.  As this would be an ‘Operational’ relationship information could be passed directly without a time lag being added by seeking a Press Office / Corporate communications ‘view’ on the information.

INRIX presentation

Inrix operate at the Traffic Scotland Control Centre providing traffic and travel information

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