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Performance indicators

Performance indicators

The national governments of the UK monitor local authority performance in maintaining their road networks through a range of performance indicators.

In England, local authorities Best Value Performance Indicators have now been replaced by National Indicators (NI).

In England local road carriageway condition is identified by statutory indicators, which record the percentage of the road network where maintenance should be considered. There are separate indicators for Principal Roads (NI 168) and Non-Principal Roads (NI169). Details of these National Indicators may be found in the following website.

Further details of survey and data processing requirements, together with investigatory levels for surface and skidding resistance, commonly used by authorities to meet safety objectives, are included in Section 9 of the Code of Practice ‘Well-Maintained Highways’. The definition of investigatory levels to meet requirements for serviceability will be a matter for local determination, preferably in consultation with users.

In England, since 2008, there are no statutory indicators for the condition of footways. However, recognising the importance of recording and monitoring the condition of footways, many authorities are continuing to collect information to calculate the indicator that was previously defined as BVPI 187, which records the percentage of Categories 1, 1A and 2 footways where maintenance should be considered.

There is also the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) is a new approach that examines how effectively local public services are performing and improving the lives of the people they serve. Assessments, which started in April 2009, are designed to provide a snapshot of each area and act as a catalyst for improvement by identifying where more effort is needed or where exceptional improvement may help others. Under the use of resources section of the new CAA framework, specific reference is made to highway maintenance and the requirement for an effective asset management planning process. The CAA framework can be downloaded from the following website.

The UK Roads Liaison Group and its Boards have responsibility for advising government on the scope and definitions of these indicators.