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Footways & Cycleways Management Group

The FCMG champions the role of good maintenance and asset management practices in realising the benefits associated with increased levels walking and cycling

The Footway and Cycletrack Management Group is a subgroup of the UK Roads Board. 

The group is made up of representatives from Local Highway Authorities, National Governments, other interested Groups (such as Sustrans) and Consultants, all experts in the field of Footway and/or Cycletrack Management or represent groups who promote increased levels of walking or cycling.


Key documents

Aims and Objectives

•    To promote good practice relating to pedestrian and cyclist use of the highway network and collaborate in the work of other groups to offer specialist advice relating to these users’ needs and aspirations.
•    To provide useful guidance to allow better,  systematic data-driven, risk-based asset management practices for pedestrian and cyclist use of the highway network
•    To support the application of a risk-based approach to asset management for  footway and cycle infrastructure, taking into account the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and other users
•    Monitor information needs for asset management of pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, evaluating and advising on surveys and other data sources to meet those needs
•    Develop more open dialogue channels between Authorities / Consultants / Government / Other Groups (both UKRB and others)
•    Provide the governance and develop the future strategic direction
•    Ensure that the work of the Group is properly communicated and coordinated with other interested parties and encourage an open sharing community thus spreading good practice
•    Produce outputs that are suitable for application to the wider range of users and types of network that exist across the UK

Key research from the FCMG is available here.