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Dynamic Plate Test Devices (DPT)

Dynamic Plate Test Device

Dynamic Plate Test Device is a term used to describe various types of equipment primarily used to assess the in situ performance and strength of pavements and foundations or granular materials using a test load dynamically applied through a circular plate. They include devices commonly termed Falling Weight Deflectometers.

Dynamic Plate Test devices can either be hand held machines or devices built into a vehicle or mounted on a trailer and towed behind a vehicle. Each device incorporates a circular loading plate that is placed onto the surface under test. The device applies a known load to the plate creating an impact load. The vertical deflections produced by the impact are measured at the centre of the plate and optionally at a series of radial positions from the centre. The measured deflections are a function of the applied load and are used to determine the structural condition of the structure under test.

DPTs are classified by the load that they can apply to the test plate. There are four main classifications, A to D:

Class Generic name Load Range (kN)
A Lightweight Deflectometer (LWD) 1-15
B Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) 30-120
C Heavyweight Deflectometer (HWD) 30-240
D Super-Heavyweight Deflectometer (SHWD) 30-300

Class A devices are typically used for assessing the in situ structural condition of pavement foundations in the construction of new roads, airfields, ports and other structures. Class B, C and D devices are typically used for assessing the structural condition of in-service road pavements, airfields, ports and other structures.

The Accreditation and QA requirements for Class B, C or D Dynamic Plate Devices are given in the Accreditation and QA specification .

Accreditation_and_QA_of__DPT_devices Issue 2.0 July 2016

If you are looking for a contractor to undertake a survey using a Class B, C or D Dynamic Plate Device on your behalf, you may wish to check the list of DPT survey devices below. On this page you can also find the latest accreditation certificates. In this table machines are referred to as having met criteria if they have met the mandatory criteria as defined in the Accreditation and QA specification for these devices. Some Network Authorities may also require a specific level of performance in some or all of the additional tests. Please see the certificates for more detail on the performance of these devices in these additional tests.The Department for Transport provides guidance on the usage of DPTs in the assessment of new foundation construction  and for in-service pavement assessment.

Certificates from previous years can be found here.

ID Serial Number Class Operating Company Met criteria Certificate
2 8002 102 B AECOM Yes 2018 DPT M02 (8002-102).pdf
5 8082 050 C AECOM No 2018 DPT M05 (8082-050).pdf
6 8082 018 C PMS Ltd. Yes 2018 DPT M06 (8082-018).pdf
8 8002 028 B AECOM Yes 2018 DPT M08 (8002-028).pdf
9 8002 136 B PMS Ltd. TBC Currently unassessed
10 8002 192 B AECOM Yes 2018 DPT M10 (8002-192).pdf
11 8002 187 B Forth Bridge constructors JV TBC Currently unassessed
13 8082 029 C AECOM Yes 2018 DPT M13 (8082-029).pdf
15 8002 203 B CET Infrastructure Division Yes 2018 DPT M15 (8002-203).pdf
16 8002 214 B PTS Yes 2018 DPT M16 (8002-214).pdf
28 8002 271 B Pulse Surveying Yes 2018 DPT M28 (8002-271).pdf
30 8002 173 B PMS Ltd. Yes 2018 DPT M30 (8002-173).pdf
32 8082 069 C PTS Yes 2018 DPT M32 (8082-069).pdf
33 8082 070 C PTS No 2018 DPT M33 (8082-070).pdf
34 8082 108 C PTS Yes 2018 DPT M34 (8082-108).pdf
36 PRI2500 0608-303 C James Fisher Testing Services Yes 2018 DPT M36 (0608-303).pdf
37 8002 352 B Stanger Yes 2018 DPT M37 (8002-352).pdf
38 PRI1500 1111-448 B Milestone Yes 2018 DPT M38 (1111-448).pdf
39 8002 388 B TRL Yes 2018 DPT M39 (8002-388).pdf
40 8012 002 B Dynatest Yes 2018 DPT M40 (8012-002).pdf
41 8082 145 C ALC (MoD) Yes 2018 DPT M41 (8082-145).pdf
42 8082 149 C ALC (MoD) TBC  Currently unassessed
44 8082 156 C Dynatest TBC  Currently unassessed
45 PRI2100 0903-088 B Atlas Geophysical No 2018 DPT M45 (0903-088).pdf
47 8002 452 B PMS Ltd. Yes 2018 DPT M47 (8002-452).pdf
48 8002 424 B Balfour Beatty Yes 2018 DPT M48 (8002-424).pdf
49 8082 146 C Dynatest Yes 2018 DPT M49 (8082-146).pdf
50 Hvy-101A C SOCOTEC UK Yes 2018 DPT M50 (HVY-101A).pdf