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SCANNER quality assurance and audit

To provide local authorities, and the Department for Transport, with confidence that SCANNER datasets are consistent and suitable for national performance monitoring, and to support local maintenance operations, a quality assurance procedure was developed and fully incorporated into the SCANNER specification. The specification defines quality assurance requirements including accreditation tests for all survey machines,

Since the end of the previous DfT contract in September 2010 SCANNER accreditation, Quality Assurance and Audit has been provided as a commercial service by TRL Limited. Further information about these changes is provided in a letter from the DfT to local authorities dated 6th June 2011 DfT letter on SCANNER QA arrangements

SCANNER quality assurance process

In order to provide comprehensive quality assurance for SCANNER accredited surveys an accredited SCANNER machine must be operated with a defined quality assurance procedure as defined in the SCANNER specification Volume 4  SCANNER surveys for Local Roads User Guide and Specification Volume 4: Technical Requirements for SCANNER Survey Data and Quality Assurance 2011 and supervised by an independent Auditor (currently TRL). QA is provided by a combination of 'first party' QA, operated by the contractor and 'third party' Audit, provided by an independent auditor.

For information on Contractor's QA click here

For information on Auditor's QA click here.

Enquiries about SCANNER quality assurance process should be addressed to either Patrick Werro or Christopher Torkington of TRL, or alternatively email

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