SCANNER research

The research has been completed.  The research reports are available below (as featured in Transportation Professional (TP) in July/August 2017).

Research reports about the development of SCANNER are now available on the UKRLG website - see below -  following publication of the update piece in the May edition of TP.

SCANNER surveys were introduced in 2009 to provide network wide condition assessment of the local A, B and minor road networks using survey vehicles that travel at traffic speed. Laser sensors measure the shape of the road surface and digital cameras capture images of the surface.

In 2014 there were three key areas where enhancements or modifications to SCANNER were required based on views from local authorities, software developers, survey contractors and the SCANNER auditor. These were for consistency, SCANNER condition parameters, and on the appropriateness of the
SCANNER road condition index.

The Scottish Road Research Board, in collaboration with the UK Roads Board, commissioned work to investigate and develop SCANNER surveys in the three key areas identified, separated into three tasks.

Results of the work are now available as TRL published project reports PPR816 and PPR817, for Tasks 1&2 (Consistency, SCANNER Condition Parameters) and Task 3 (Appropriateness of the SCANNER RCI) respectively. An Executive Summary is also available.


For background to this research see Transportation Professional Transportation Professional January 2016.

For historic reserach information click here.