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UK Pavement Management System (UKPMS)

The UK Pavement Management System (UKPMS) is the national standard for management systems for the assessment of local road network condition and for the planning of investment and maintenance on paved areas of roads, kerbs, footways and cycle tracks on local roads within the UK.

As paved assets are the largest part of the highway network, efficient pavement management forms a vital component of any successful Transport Asset Management regime. It is essential for Local Authorities to be able to demonstrate effective pavement management processes within their Highway and Transport Asset Management Plans.

Road Maintenance

The primary use of UKPMS is to assist Local Authorities in the planning of maintenance on the local road network through the systematic collection and analysis of condition data. This is recommended as good practice and is a vital component of an effective Highway Asset Management regime. The key role played by UKPMS in highway maintenance management is recognised in Well-managed Highway Infrastructure - the Code of Practice for highway maintenance management.

In general, all pavement management systems consist of a representation of a road network divided into uniquely referenced road lengths. Against this network, it is possible to locate other data, including condition data (collected by visual or machine surveys) and inventory (such as construction details and width information). By applying rules to the condition data held against each section, potential maintenance treatments can be identified and these treatments can be prioritised.




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