Quality assurance

It is important to note that UKPMS is not a pavement management system, but is a specification for those functions where national consistency and comparability are required. Commercial system suppliers are encouraged to incorporate those key aspects of UKPMS within their systems, and a central testing programme ensures comparability with the UKPMS standard.

Following an initial comprehensive Comparability Test, ongoing comparability of each UKPMS accredited system is monitored through an Annual Health Check test (introduced in autumn 2005). The Annual Health Check provides regular routine assurance that UKPMS systems continue to meet UKPMS requirements including the current rule set and national reporting.

It is important to be aware that each of these proprietary systems is different and offers different functionality. One of the strengths of the UKPMS approach is that Local Authorities are free to choose a pavement management system that meets their own particular needs, safe in the knowledge that those areas where national consistency is required are covered by the UKPMS process. Work has been carried out to review the core functionality of UKPMS.

Central to configuring UKPMS is the ‘Rule Set’, a self-contained set of rules, parameters and data, which allows users to apply either national standard or locally derived rules in the processing of their data. The concept of a national, standard rule set means that any changes can be introduced and managed in a controlled, predictable way without the need for a repeat of the full comparability testing.

Rule Sets are released when changes are required - as part of the annual cycle to meet the needs and timescales for both national reporting and the Annual Health Check. The current (most recent) Rule Set is RP10.01, which has been used for reporting since 2011 [see here for details].

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