Potholes Review

Potholes review


In 2011 Transport Minister Norman Baker MP announced an initiative to develop best practice in dealing with potholes. This followed increasing public concern about the widespread damage to our road network caused by severe winter weather.

About the Potholes Review

The potholes review looks at potholes not only from an engineering perspective but also explores wider issues. These include the impact of long-term maintenance strategies, decision-making arrangements, the processes of reporting, prioritising and repairing potholes, guidance and wider operational arrangements. The review, which has been assisted by experts from both the public and private sectors, focuses on three main themes:

• Prevention is better than cure – intervening at the right time will reduce the amount of potholes forming and prevent bigger problems later.
• Right First Time – do it once and get it right, rather than face continuous bills. Guidance, knowledge and workmanship are the enablers to this.
• Clarity for the public – local highway authorities need to communicate to the public what is being done and how it is being done.

The report makes seventeen recommendations for Government, local highway authorities and others to take forward.

See report here.