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Highways - Maintaining a Vital Asset

How asset management can support better highway maintenance? Strong leadership and commitment from elected councillors and their chief officers is vital in maintaining our highways. This leaflet explains how asset management can help councils to improve highway maintenance, by ensuring best use of available funds and ...

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016,Guidance document 1/08/13
Transportation Professional June 2013

The UK Roads Liaison Group has endorsed and taken ownership of the new ‘Highway infrastructure asset management’ guidance funded and developed through the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP)....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/06/13
HMEP UKRLG Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance

This Guidance is aimed at local highway authorities and provides advice on how asset management principles may be used to support a more efficient approach to maintaining highway infrastructure assets. It includes 14 recommendations which should be considered in their entirety as the minimum requirements to achieve an...

Asset Management Guidance,Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016 21/05/13
Transportation Professional May 2013

All change at the UK Roads Liaison Group: Department for Transport's Director of Local Transport Graham Pendlebury is the new chair of UKRLG....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/05/13
Transportation Professional January/February 2013

Pan London contracts to test local collaboration: The process behind developing the London Highway Alliance Contracts demonstrates that client and contracting sectors can work together and drive out inefficiencies in the highways sector....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/01/13
Transportation Professional November 2012

Training the winter decision makers: No formal training and national accreditation for winter service decision makers currently exists but a newly developed course is expected to go live in winter 2013-14....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/11/12
Guidance on the Design, Assessment and Strengthening of Masonry Parapets on Highway Structures

Masonry parapets are designed to provide protection for road users. This guidance document is designed to bring up to date previous advice on the design, assessment and strengthening of masonry parapets, drawing together guidance previously available in BS 6779:1999 Part 4 and in research papers, and bringing the termi...

Guidance document 3/09/12
Management of Highway Structures Complementary Guidance

Management of Highway Structures: A Code of Practice was published in September 2005. Since then Government Policy in respect to highway and structures management has developed and evolved in a number of areas, including the introduction of new statutory duties on highways authorities. There have also been developments...

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016 13/08/12
A Street Lighting Policy Framework

The UKLB has recently published a Lighting Policy ‘framework’ to assist lighting authorities by providing a reference to consider when formulating a formal lighting Policy for the first time, or when revising an existing policy. The advice is that a policy document should be a high level, non technical statement of th...

Guidance document 9/08/12
Transportation Professional August/September 2012

Updating Olympics trips with online data Transport Direct – Britain’s public transport journey and car route planner – is incorporating temporary Olympic road changes and modelling the impact of Games events on journey times. ...

Transportation Professional - news article 23/07/12
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