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Provision of Road Restraint Systems for Local Authorities

This document provides a process to help local highway authorities decide when a road restraint system is justified. This document can be adapted by local highway authorities to create a pragmatic system for decision making in order for them to be more cost effective....

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016 16/09/11
Whole life costings for local authorities

This document provides local highway authorities with a consistent process for undertaking whole life costing for maintenance option appraisal. The outcomes from this process enable informed investment decisions to be made to support the delivery of value-for-money objectives. ...

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016 16/09/11
Departures from Standards Procedures for Local Highway Authorities

This document offers pragmatic methods for preparing departures from standards including the introduction of a new simple proforma. It recognises that published design standards offer benefits but also potential constraints and progressive local highway authorities may seek to work beyond the limits of standards in de...

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016 16/09/11
Transportation Professional Aug-Sept 2011

New chair brings fresh focus for Roads Board This month's RLG pages feature developments in Northern Ireland, from where hails the new chair of the UK Roads Board Northern Ireland Roads Service director Dr Andrew Murray. British highway authorities take note: significant savings have come from Roads Service's ...

Transportation Professional - news article 1/08/11
Transportation Professional June 2011

Taking a lead with fiscal dexterity A regional focus will be applied to Transportation Professional's RLG features in 2011, starting in Scotland where a street lighting partnership is illuminating efficiency measures....

Transportation Professional - news article 1/06/11
Transportation Professional April 2011

Winter service advice brings performance uplift Successive winters of salt shortages have prompted reviews and guidance from the UK Roads Liaison Group and others - bringing a general improvement in highway winter service operations....

Transportation Professional - news article,Winter Service Guidance 1/04/11
Traffic Regulations Order Advertising A need to review the regulations

The current legal requirement to advertise all traffic orders in a local newspaper means that the public sector is spending significant sums on a process that does not appear to be delivering the intended benefits. ...

Policy briefing 1/04/11
Winter Service Guidance for Local Authority Practioners - Recommended Precautionary Treatments and Post Treatments Including Revised Salt Spread Rates
Winter Service Guidance 24/12/10
Transportation Professional Nov 2010

Survey backs relaxation of traffic order advertising A UK Network Management Board survey has found the majority of local highway authorities want more flexibility in statutory requirements for notifying the public of Traffic Regulation Orders. The current approach can be costly and inefficient, writes Board Chairm...

Transportation Professional - news article 1/11/10
Transportation Professional Aug-Sept 2010

Connections market leader welcomes competition The gas and electricity regulator Ofgem launched its 'Competition in Connections' initiative in 2007 to open up the market for supplying connections to electrical power networks, including those for street lighting. EDF Energy - currently the dominant supplier in this m...

Transportation Professional - news article 1/08/10
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