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Cathays Park
UKRLG Board contact emails
HMEP UKRLG Asset Management Guidance

This Guidance is aimed at local highway authorities and provides advice on how asset management principles may be used to support a more efficient approach to maintaining highway infrastructure assets. It includes 14 recommendations which should be considered in their entirety as the minimum requirements to achieve an...

Codes of Practice - published prior to 18 October 2016
Weighting Set Processing
Data management
Best practice in thin surfacings

Best practice in thin surfacings A major element of road maintenance relates to the wearing course of the highway. Over the last five years the main wearing material that has been tried and tested for the last fifty years has swiftly given way to the new thin surfacings and stone mastic asphalts adopted in Europe. Th...

Research document
login document
UK Roads Liaison Group agenda and papers 26 July 2012
INRIX presentation
Travel Demand Management - Olympic Legacy
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