UKRLG e-newsletter July 2015
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Latest update on the review of the Codes of Practice

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UKRLG has decided to build on the risk-based approach already articulated within its current Codes of lighting, structures and highway maintenance; for local highway authorities across the UK.

A new Code likely to be called: ‘Well-managed Highway Infrastructure’ will comprise an overarching document covering roads, lighting and structures.

This means UKRLG’s new Code will not outline any minimum or default standards but will include case studies, educational information and illustrate good practice in particular circumstances. Each authority can implement the Code in accordance with local needs, priorities and affordability.

For some authorities this will mean they can implement a full risk based approach immediately. Others may require more time and may choose to continue with current maintenance and management practices for an interim period. A date for full implementation is awaited.

The new Code is expected in Autumn 2015.  For further information on the review:  click here.

Tipping point for councils to see the light on LEDs - latest in Transportation Professional

Scottish Futures Trust - street lighting toolkit launch image

A Street Lighting Toolkit launched this year by the Scottish Futures Trust – and applicable across the UK – is helping to convince authorities that now is the time to switch to LED lighting.

How can the UK save £13Bn and 30Mt of CO2 over the next 25 years? Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, could offer the answer.

This is included in the latest UKRLG pages in Transportation Professional in July/August - click here.

Moves to set up Accreditation Process to support the Structures Toolkit

Liz Kirkham, from Gloucestershire County Council and Deputy Chairman of the UK Bridges Board writes in her new capacity as Chair of the Structures Valuation Accreditation Board. Liz explains the latest on the Structures Toolkit and the reasons behind the establishment of an accreditation process. This is being developed so as to ensure that the valuation module has been implemented consistently by software suppliers, and that the valuation figures produced are therefore comparable and auditable, regardless of the product used.

Full article - click here

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