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Be willing to engage openly says UK roads ambassador

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As the UK looks to forge new relationships in a post Brexit world it is interesting who the Department for Transport has chosen to help build these networks.

Graham Pendlebury, who until the end of May was director of local transport at DfT, is now working part time to focus on the UK’s presence at the World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi later this year.
This comes two years after he was appointed senior Government official (UK First Delegate) to represent the UK at the World Road Association (also known as PIARC).
It was an astute choice to elect Graham to take over from former First Delegate Roy Brannen (now chief executive of Transport Scotland) and his openness to engage with others and listen has strengthened the UK’s international presence.
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Minor structures guidance published by lighting group

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Highway managers responsible for the upkeep of street furniture including lamp posts, traffic signal poles and signs are urged to consult a new asset management toolkit produced by the Institution of Lighting Professionals.

Its guidance note 22: ‘Asset Management Toolkit: Minor Structures’ (ATOMS) was launched on 12 June and is available to download for free at the ILP’s website.

ATOMS was supported by the Department for Transport and produced in association with the UK Lighting Board, Highway Electrical Association and Transport for London. It has been developed following the UKRLG’s ‘Well Managed Highway Infrastructure’ Code of Practice to help everyone with a responsibility for such assets to effectively manage them in line with the code.

To read the full article:   Transportation Professional Jul - Aug 2019

Improving the lives of people with disabilities - podcast

This podcast further explores the issues of improving transport for people with disabilities. The guest on this episode is Ann Frye, an international specialist on the mobility needs of people with disabilities and older people. Ann works as an expert advisor on both international and UK projects on accessibility.

This explores a brief history of accessible transport in the UK, looks at how the UK compare more generally to other European countries in terms of accessibility. The episode also covers issues of ageing, dementia and epilepsy and concludes with a look at the World Road Congress session on Disability-Inclusive Road Transport that will take place in October 2019.
Listen to "Improving the lives of people with disabilities - Ann Frye" on Spreaker.

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